Social Media Integration - Today's Tools for Success

Social media marketing or inbound marketing has become a major driving force behind the success of today’s modern companies.  If we look to the example of our most adored brands, we will see their strong online presence in various social communities.  For examples of well-run social campaigns, check out:  Google, Microsoft, Xerox, Office Depot, Costco Wholesale, Dell, IBM, Home Depot, Avon Products, Disney, Ebay, Amazon, Electronic Arts, Apple, Best Buy, Nike, The Gap, Coca-Cola and many more.

Social media marketing is not simply about opening a Facebook page and twitter account to advertise your product or service.  Rather it is about taking the time, as a company, to be social.  The success of social media campaigns is the result of building lasting relationships with your customers and providing an exceptional customer experience.  By providing useful information, tips, or entertainment you can grow your fan base and social circles as your relevant articles and content are shared and liked.  With patience, creativity and a little luck, a successful viral video can generate an explosion of subscribers to your brand.