Our Favorite Drupal Modules We Use In Our Web Design to Enhance Our Client's User Experience

The Drupal environment is not only an excellent platform for web design, it also excels at enabling the non-technical end-user to enhance and manage their own content. Three add-on modules we deploy at BlueTech for our customers are the IMCE media manager, the CKEditor and Cloud Zoom modules. These three modules add such power to the design that almost every site uses them in some fashion and where they are in use, our customers and their website visitors enjoy a greatly enhanced web experience.

The IMCE Media Manager is a simple tool that allows a site owner to upload and place images and documents on their site. They can browse and manage quotas and re-use images in a very easy manner which reduces the amount of effort needed to update their website. In many cases they are fully able to make the changes to their website without the need for a professional designer. This not only reduces the cost to maintain a website, it also speeds up making changes to the site.

Integral to the media manger is a wysiwyg (What you see is what you get) editor. This editor style allows the user to draft up page segments in a graphical format eliminating the guess work of what it will look like. The editor we most often deploy in our designs is the CKEditor. This one is perhaps the most comprehensive of the available choices yet is surprisingly one of the easiest to use. It is tightly linked to the media manager and allows non-technical customers to create nice looking pages on their site. The beauty of the Drupal environment is that the professional web designer is empowered to design a website which enhances the ease with which the customer can use the editor tools such that they complement rather than fight the designed structure of the site.

Our final customer oriented module is the Cloud Zoom module. This design feature is actually more for the site visitor and enables them to easily magnify an image shown on the web page. This feature is particularly useful in product catalogs by providing the designer with the ability to design a product page with a nice looking image, proportioned to best reflect the character of the site yet also give the visitor the ability to zoom in on the product to see graphic details that may be missed on the main image - a feature that increases the effective size of a page without making the page look ugly.

At BlueTech we take the best of what Drupal has to offer and design websites that not only look great, provide valuable information, and are easy to navigate but are also simple to maintain and enhance. Our goal is to empower our clients so they can get the most out of their websites and in turn increase their business customer base.