Not Just a Fancy Brochure

An effective website requires a great design. Increasingly, your website is becoming the first contact future customers will have with your business. It is this first impression of who you are that will colour all future contacts your customers will bring to any contact with you. It is therefore essential that your website be designed to well represent who you are, with a look and feel that is not only very functional and convenient for your customers but also presents the flavour of your business personality.

Good website design considers your business style, convenience to your site users, functionality and information content. When we design your site we spend time getting to know you as a company so we can develop a feel for your style. To this overriding style we think of how a customer will interact with your site and then craft it so that they can effectively find their way around and get the answers they need. For ecommerce sites we lay out the site to make it easy to navigate; easy for customers to find what they are looking for.  Finally, we ensure that the site has sufficient information and functionality to keep a customer’s interest. Today web users get far too many results from searches to be willing to waste time on useless sites; a site must be designed to make it worth their effort to look at it.

These are a few of the considerations we take in to account when preparing your new web site. By hiring an experienced design team like Bluetech, you have the best resources to produce an effective site for your business.