Blogs, Newsfeeds and Beyond; the Secret Sauce Behind Successful SEO

So just how does a company achieve high SEO? 

Well … that seems to be the million dollar question that everyone is asking us, and for good reason.  High SEO means higher website traffic, and higher website traffic in turn means more business generated.

First of all, what is SEO?  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  This roughly translates into the ability of your website to rank high in the search listings. 

It was not long ago that I was speaking with a client when they asked me why their website did not show up in a Google search using a specific key phrase.  After a quick review of their site, the answer was clear; and I proceeded to pose a question back to the client “can you show me where this said search phrase is used on your website?”  After the client had a chance to quickly scan their site, they conceded that the phrase was not specifically on their site at all, it was in fact, only alluded to. 

This concept of SEO is known as the “keyword(s)”.  Keywords are automatically associated with your website as it is digitally crawled by the search engine bots.  And with Google’s SEO tools, it is possible to see a listing of the specific Keywords that have been associated with your websites. 

To help shape and steer the Keyword profiling of your site, it is important to first develop a Keyword strategy (decide which keywords potential customers will be using to search for you) and then to ensure that they are frequently repeated within the content of your site.  This is where Blogs and Newsfeeds begin to work for you.  Both Blogs and News sections allow you to easily and frequently add new content to your website, further developing your keyword prominence.  Your competitors will, naturally, be using many of the same keywords as you, and it is only through consistent use and repetition of these keywords that you will be able to take top spot above your competition in the search listing.

Another notable fact is that, as the search engines compete against each other for users, they are always trying to deliver the highest quality results.  One of the ways that your website is evaluated and ranked, in terms of a quality search result, is by its freshness (when was it last updated).  The search engine bots are not only looking at your site for keywords, they are also looking to see what has changed, and if there has been any new content added.

Consider incorporating a Blog and/or Newsfeed into your website as they will increase your website's SEO by helping to reinforce crucial keywords, expanding the database of keywords associated with your site and also ensuring that your website is always fresh and up-to-date.   They will also provide your customers with valuable information and or entertainment, demonstrating your prominence and expertise in your given field.