Website Backend Mojo - Registration, Scheduling and Document Handling

We are all familiar with basic corporate branding websites (the home, about, products and services, and contact pages).  Many are aware of the power that Web 2.0 offers these sites.  The power to easily add and update content, automatically promote new blog and news posts to the various social channels, and the power to dynamically modify the website's design.

However, did you know that there are many other additional, highly powerful, Web 2.0 solutions available using Drupal 7?  I like to refer to many of these other, highly customized, features as the website's “backend”. 

I would like to highlight three of my favorite backend features.

Registration system:

Drupal allows us to set up a registration system that automatically handles all data collection, class and event list creation, and registration confirmation.  With the added support of an ecommerce module, we are also able to handle all deposits and payments.  The quantity of registrations sold may also be limited to the desired event and/or class maximums and these limits can be enforced automatically (eliminating overbooking).  Any additional registrants can choose to be added to the wait list and automatically informed if any cancellations open up additional spots.

Our Favorite Drupal Modules We Use In Our Web Design to Enhance Our Client's User Experience

The Drupal environment is not only an excellent platform for web design, it also excels at enabling the non-technical end-user to enhance and manage their own content. Three add-on modules we deploy at BlueTech for our customers are the IMCE media manager, the CKEditor and Cloud Zoom modules. These three modules add such power to the design that almost every site uses them in some fashion and where they are in use, our customers and their website visitors enjoy a greatly enhanced web experience.

The IMCE Media Manager is a simple tool that allows a site owner to upload and place images and documents on their site. They can browse and manage quotas and re-use images in a very easy manner which reduces the amount of effort needed to update their website. In many cases they are fully able to make the changes to their website without the need for a professional designer. This not only reduces the cost to maintain a website, it also speeds up making changes to the site.

Full Service or Piece-meal Suppliers?

Bluetech Web Services is a full service company; we provide the complete package for your web requirements. Developing a website begins with us providing help to your team with the initial concept and design. Our team continues to work closely with you through the site development and refinement aspects of creating your finished website . Once the design is completed we can assist with data loading and content creation, and then host the finished website on one of our high performance servers. Finally, as the months go by, Bluetech provides on-going maintenance services to ensure the site remains fresh and effective in attracting new business.

By providing the complete solution to your website needs we not only simplify the process for our customers but also provide a quick single point of contact for any issues that may arise with your site.  We ensure that our customers are not left feeling abandoned after the site has been deployed and that they can get minor updates done quickly. Our support team is ready to help with any issues that arise with using the site and can get minor updates done when needed.

So don’t under-estimate the value of choosing a web services company that offers the complete package. It will save you time, money and anxiety over the life time of your website.

Social Media Integration - Today's Tools for Success

Social media marketing or inbound marketing has become a major driving force behind the success of today’s modern companies.  If we look to the example of our most adored brands, we will see their strong online presence in various social communities.  For examples of well-run social campaigns, check out:  Google, Microsoft, Xerox, Office Depot, Costco Wholesale, Dell, IBM, Home Depot, Avon Products, Disney, Ebay, Amazon, Electronic Arts, Apple, Best Buy, Nike, The Gap, Coca-Cola and many more.

Social media marketing is not simply about opening a Facebook page and twitter account to advertise your product or service.  Rather it is about taking the time, as a company, to be social.  The success of social media campaigns is the result of building lasting relationships with your customers and providing an exceptional customer experience.  By providing useful information, tips, or entertainment you can grow your fan base and social circles as your relevant articles and content are shared and liked.  With patience, creativity and a little luck, a successful viral video can generate an explosion of subscribers to your brand.